The desire to express one’s sexual needs in a way that a person deems it fit is a natural right. The merging of the world in modern times brought about a change in how we view ourselves. It includes, above all, our sexual desires and our approach to them. The article talks about just that and all things concerned with Sex Positivity. But first:

What really is Sex Positivity?

In simplest terms, Sex Positivity refers to one’s view towards sex or sexual expression. Also, the said expression follows a kind of thought process that is free from any negative judgments. Thus, a view that is purely positive and stresses personal priority. Plus, it also heavily focuses on consensual sex.

Sex Positivity, as a movement, aims to bring about a cultural and social change in the norms that surround sexuality. 

Sex Positivity seeks to promote one’s sexuality as a natural thing, which is a part of being a healthy human. Also, it takes into account various aspects in doing so. That includes the orientation of a person and gender as an expression rather than a role. Other aspects such as a person’s relationship with their own body and reproductive rights also come under Sex Positivity. 

The movement also promotes safe sex and sex education. Many are exploring sex positive lifestyles and encounters online via casual dating apps and hookup sites, such as the one found here. These platforms allow like-minded individuals to meet and explore sex positivity without the fear of judgement and other outside pressures.

Sex Positivity Explained

To really understand the term, one needs to have a careful and detailed view of the culture of Sex Negativity. As stated, it’s quite obvious it is the polar opposite of Sex Positivity. The said culture promotes all that sex positivity stands against. That is, it views such free expression of sex as dangerous and corrupt. Thus, it preaches that there must be a curb on such forms of sexuality.

Also, this kind of negativity incites and spreads fear, constraint and causes a division in the society. It believes that these types of discussions are only for the bedrooms. Plus, sex-negativity offers only a specific expression of sex, that too in a certain way. All these are evident from how norms urged young adults not to have sex before marriage.

At the same, it is not to say that these norms were evil in the forms they existed. But its side-effect was a feeling of shame that did not bode so well.

Sex Positivism seeks to promote a mass consensus that sex is more than just a means of procreation. It offers a view on how sex is also a means of pleasure. Also, the concept also views sex as among the best things about life. A person who is sex-positive doesn’t judge others or pass comments about their fetishes or sexual desires. But rather, they keep their mind open and sensitive to those areas. 

Myths Regarding Sex Positivity

It is no surprise that there exist many myths that revolve around the culture of sex and its forms. Instead, that is a thing anyone saw it coming, given the orthodox and social norms that still exist. 

It is not only for women

Women, in general, have been subject to shame and constrain historically. They often face laxness and shame for having or wanting sex as a form of pleasure. At the same, there is a specific norm about being “real men” among the men. That “real men” are those who are always looking for a lot of sex. It challenges such norms that fixate a false idea and limit sexual desires on the basis of gender. 

Sex Positives are pro-pornography

Even though it is true that to tackle anti-porn feminism, the masses made use of the concept. At the same time, one cannot say that there exists only one way to define the concept. Thus, when it comes to porn, there is no right or wrong.